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You deserve the best healthcare possible. Health care should be as easy to access and affo

Our Story

At our medical center in Pudukkad, Thrissur, we prioritize regular health checkups and effective treatments. Our experienced team provides high-quality care, excelling in diagnosis, treatment, and comprehensive health services. Whether for routine checkups, existing conditions, or specialized care, we offer advanced diagnostic tools and skilled professionals to meet your health needs under one roof. Visit us for preventive screenings and chronic condition management, and experience the difference in our quality care. Let us be your trusted partner in maintaining and improving your health.

Services We Offer

Intravenous Drip

Casualty & Accident Trauma Care

Immediate treatment for emergencies and traumatic injuries, provided by a specialized team equipped for rapid response and comprehensive care.


Convenient on-site pharmacy offering a wide range of medications and expert advice to meet all your prescription needs promptly.


Multi-Speciality Clinical Laboratory

Comprehensive diagnostic tests across various medical fields, utilizing advanced technology to deliver precise and reliable results.


Ambulance Services

Fast, reliable ambulance services equipped with essential medical facilities for prompt and efficient emergency transport.

Clinics in Pudukkad

Our Team

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Treatments in Puthukkad

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News & Events

Healthcare Workers

Stay updated with the latest news and events at Elite Medical Centre. From groundbreaking research and medical advancements to community outreach programs and health seminars, we are committed to keeping you informed about the innovations and activities that enhance our patient care and community well-being.


Because we are here to help

Because we are here to help, Elite Medical Centre offers top-notch care with cutting-edge technology and compassionate service. Visit us today to experience the best in healthcare.

Pulickan Chakkoru Arcade, OPP. KSRTC Bus Stand, Pudukkad, Thrissur - 680301


Because we are here to 

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